Kelly Gibbs

Product Manager, Libraries

Libraries matter

Kelly Gibbs is our library solutions product manager. She’s originally from Melbourne, via the south coast of NSW, but currently resides in Singapore.   

I’m the Spydus (library management system) Manager, which means I get to work with all of our wonderful customers and teams to help guide the direction that the product grows in. I believe that libraries are one of the last truly free and democratic spaces available to us. Libraries ensure people have equitable access to information and services regardless of age, gender, language, ethnicity, education levels or socioeconomic status, and so on. A good library management system such as Spydus is a vital part of the eco-system that allows libraries to continue this service in both a physical and digital capacity.  And I love being part of this eco-system. I see my role as one of responding to change in the library service offering as it evolves.

The best thing about my role of Product Management is that it allows me to work with a diverse range of stakeholders. I’m both customer facing and working with multiple teams internally which is great. It allows me to have a relatively holistic view of Spydus’s place in the market. 

I love what I do and I love the industry that we serve, so it makes me feel good! 

And the best thing about working at Civica? It’s the people! It’s always the people.