Hamza Khaleel

Graduate Software Engineer, UK

It’s been really helpful with a lovely team and they have given me all the coding experience I need to enjoy and achieve, I have been learning through Pluralsight mainly, however I have had amazing mentors. I am constantly overwhelmed by the technical knowledge and abilities within the business. I am also amazed by the opportunities I have been given by the business to undertake exciting work like the FSA app and the Crisis management system – I’m not just the coffee boy! I started out in professional services and then moved to managed services and I have loved both sectors. I think everyone should try doing managed services! Civica has been flexible, friendly and I just love all of it really!

What has been the highlight of working at Civica so far?
I’d say my highlight is the people I’ve met. I have had great mentors and made some great friends within the company. Everyone is easy to get along with and very supportive.