When digital meets government, pure Agile just isn't enough

Agile methodology is now the preferred method for most software development and digital transformation projects, but it has major weaknesses in the civil service environment

Within the UK civil service, there are inherent challenges when delivering agile digital project management techniques against fixed and pre-defined business planning processes and budgets. Having repeatedly burnt their fingers during the era of pre-defined, monolithic IT developments, practitioners have learned that in the digital world, the only sure way to ensure that a system meets user needs is to build it hand-in-hand with those who’ll be operating and accessing it.

Civica explains how the emerging techniques of Hybrid Agile in Northern Ireland is helping civil servants retain Agile’s user-focus and flexibility while meeting government’s GDS requirements. In this project guide, uncover the:

  • The weakness of Waterfall and Agile
  •  How the civil service can improve digital outcomes through project management
  • Strategy behind a robust framework in an agile delivery environment
  •  Methodology for providing clients and suppliers with transparent and dependable budgets earlier
  •  Incentives and risks of a Hybrid Agile approach.

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