Supporting Interserve to streamline catering solutions to benefit their clients

30th September 2020

Interserve is one of the world’s foremost support services and construction companies, providing catering services as part of their total facilities management solution.

The delivery of catering services to approximately 200 centres is varied both geographically and by service style. These include corporate catering, residential training establishments, industrial staff canteens, local government facilities and acute and non acute hospital catering and patient meals.

Interserve was looking for a solution that would enable them to further improve central reporting whilst streamlining catering operations by improving the purchasing process and reducing food wastage.


  • Saffron Analytics enables Interserve to consolidate and centralise performance reporting.
  • Interserve achieved a more streamlined purchasing process.
  • Saffron Menu and Recipe Management ensures all meals are nutritionally analysed.
  • Interserve is now able to more accurately measure food wastage.

The utilisation of Saffron has enabled instant viewing of operational activity; this in turn facilitates the swift interaction to resolve challenges proactively. The speed and accuracy of access we have to data is one of the key benefits we have found from Saffron. Saffron has enabled us to consolidate the processes and reporting system we adhered to previously, which has effectively improved the efficiency of our operations.
Alex Briggs, Head of Catering Services, Interserve

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