Civica helps The de Ferrers Trust centralise school compliance

19th July 2023

Discover why the de Ferrers Trust has been using Parago, Civica’s school operations Management software, to meet their compliance goals for over four years.

The de Ferrers Trust is a multi-academy trust based in Staffordshire and Derbyshire. The trust currently consists of seven schools, educations approximately 5,000 students and employs 600 members of staff.

Civica's school operations management software (formally known as Parago), has been supporting the de Ferrers Trust since July 2019. Hear from Jamie Livingston, Trust Compliance and Sustainability Manager, who explains how Civica has:

  • continued to successfully help the trust to centralise resources
  • standardise processes and boost productivity for site teams
  • save time with smart technology
  • collaborated with the trust with ongoing product development.

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Key outcomes

Regained 2-3 hours per week per school by removing paperless processes

Better tracking of regulatory compliance through centralisation

Clear reporting to track individual schools’ compliance KPIs

Jamie Livingston,

Trust Compliance and Sustainability Manager

Parago has the level of detail and sophistication that we needed as a business to pool resources and centralise processes. Now that everything is recorded in Parago, we have all the information we need at our fingertips