26th November 2019

Civica Election Services helps Marylebone Cricket Club introduce online voting for members

Strong uptake of online voting sees increased turnout and overwhelmingly positive member feedback.

Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) was founded in 1787 when the ambitious entrepreneur Thomas Lord staged his first match on a ground on Dorset Fields in Marylebone.

The following year, MCC laid down a Code of Laws, requiring the wickets to be pitched 22 yards apart and detailing how players could be given out. Its Laws were adopted throughout the game - and the Club today remains the custodian and arbiter of Laws relating to cricket around the world.

With over 100 years’ experience of managing elections, ballots and consultation processes, the history of Civica Election Services (CES) goes back almost as far. CES has supported MCC with its ballot and governance administration for well over a decade, making us the ideal partner to advise on the introduction of online voting.

Key outcomes:

  • Over 40% of voting members chose to use the online voting option
  • Voter turnout increased significantly 
  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback from members 

We have been delighted with how well things have worked with our first steps into a world that included online voting. This was a big step for the Club and it was very reassuring to work with an organisation who had such a wealth of experience. This made things relatively straightforward for us and the outcomes speak for themselves.
Jamie Clifford, Assistant Secretary (Membership & Operations), MCC

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