Smarter software for smarter schools

“Do more with less”. It’s what every school is continually being asked to achieve. It’s why we design software solutions that help you do just that.

Meet current and future challenges head on with our flexible suite of scalable cloud software built for managing schools and multi-academy trusts. We understand the budget pressures that school leaders are facing. With teacher wages increasing, spiralling energy costs and inflation pushing up prices, effective budgeting and cost control is more important than ever.

Our software simplifies management, saving you time, money and effort that can be better spent supporting pupil outcomes. It automates tasks which eat into the school day, powers decisions based on accurate data and reduces admin.

We can help you balance the books, maintain compliance, manage your people, feed your pupils and improve performance. It’s time to work smarter.


  • Save £10,000 a year in maintenance and IT costs with Cloud delivery
  • Improve financial insight and strengthen budgeting through finance and HR integration
  • More tightly control purchasing and contract management
  • Reduce banking charges and reconciliation time by centralising school accounts
  • Optimise use of equipment and licences across your trust
  • Increase uptake of school meals by 50% and FSM by 20%
  • Cut meal payment administration by six hours a week
  • Control food cost percentage
  • Reduce food waste by up to 30%.

Civica Education: Smarter Software for Schools