Introducing TranSend – The unique platform for fleet and delivery management

Driving fleet and delivery operations forward to a better future.

TranSend, our new unique platform for fleet, ePOD and route planning management makes it easier for organisations to meet road safety legislation, lower running costs and increase productivity.

Using the cloud, you’ll have instant access to performance data, wherever you’re working. You can prioritise resources better and do more with your assets, driving down costs and maximising efficiency.

Whether you’re maintaining vehicles, managing deliveries while trying to use the best route, your employees can send or receive information using a mobile device. By removing paper and manual processes, everyone has access to the latest information so timely decisions or actions can be made.

Key benefits:

  1. A single platform
    Reduce the number of suppliers, systems and processes to save costs, reduce administration and increase productivity. Plus, It’ll be easier to train new staff.
  2. Smart technology
    Using the cloud, you can work from anywhere using any device. Stay connected with your team, drivers, suppliers and keep customers up-to-date with the latest information.
  3. Better data insight
    Be proactive and plan ahead with TranSend. Prioritise resources better to minimise vehicle downtime, helping to ensure you have the right vehicles, for the right job.


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Backed by 35+ years of sector experience, talk to us today to find out how you can do more and go further with TranSend.

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TranSend Brochure | Fleet and Delivery Platform

Our brochure is available for free download and provides information on our cloud fleet management software, ePOD (electronic proof of delivery software) and route planning software. You’ll also learn about how we’re helping customers be as productive and efficient as possible.

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Mid & West Wales Fire picks Civica TranSend Fleet Management

Safety first: Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service picks Civica TranSend Fleet Management platform to increase compliance and deliver more efficient services

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