Introducing FinancialsLIVE

Fully managed, securely hosted financial software for the public sector

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Backed by over 30 years of market knowledge and expertise, FinancialsLIVE has been developed specifically for the requirements of the UK public sector including local government organisations, police forces, probation services, housing associations and education organisations

FinancialsLIVE is comprehensive yet easy to use. It delivers all the key functions you'd expect - from a powerful General Ledger to Asset Management, Creditors, Debtors, Cash Management, Procurement as well as Business Intelligence, Dashboards and Alerts. 

It's accessible anywhere, any time on any device and is backed by 30 years market knowledge and experience - and the solution is developed in collaboration with our active user community.

Supporting the drive towards digital transformation and the need to minimise capital expenditure, FinancialsLIVE is fully managed by us, in our secure Civica cloud, in the UK. This means you no longer need to worry about having the technical infrastructure and expertise to keep your FMIS up and running – we take care of that for you. We also provide an on-demand administration service to deliver expertise and support when you need it most - freeing up your own resources to focus on more business-critical tasks.

  • Increases efficiency – comprehensive functionality and an intuitive user interface enables organisations to drive efficiencies through swift deployment and user adoption 
  • Reduces risk – guaranteed uptime, performance and security to giving you peace of mind that your FMIS is always up and running
  • Minimises cost – frees up time, space and resource to concentrate on value-add services by limiting the need for infrastructure, support and costly upgrades


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What makes FinancialsLIVE unique?

  • The only financial solution specifically built for the UK public sector
  • Designed in partnership with our user community for ultimate benefit

As you would expect from an experience supplier, our solutions are easy to procure via the G-Cloud Framework, we offer an unrivalled support and with FinancialsLIVE, you’ll benefit from always being on the latest version with no costly and time consuming upgrades – just highly functional, reliable software. 

FinancialsLIVE highlights

  • Comprehensive and trusted FMIS solution
  • Secure and resilient
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Quick & easy to deploy
  • Single support model
  • No upgrades - always up-to-date
  • Predictable cost
  • Hosted in Civica's secure cloud environment - in the UK
  • AdminLIVE – on-demand expertise to deal with peaks in service 

Why partner with Civica?

  • Specialists in local authority IT - partners in transformation
  • Experienced - Civica systems administer £115 billion annually
  • Market leader in business-critical software, digital solutions and outsourcing services
  • Provides cloud-based solutions for 200 authorities
  • Employs CIPFA qualified accountants in consultancy and implementation roles 
  • Supports 900 local authorities around the world
  • We're a stable and secure partner with 15 years of unbroken growth

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