Natalia Georgieva

Support Technician Apprentice

Civica in three words: fun, challenging, fulfilling

I’ve been with Civica for five years and in that time I’ve completed my Apprenticeship levels 3, 4 and 5, which has given me a broad grounding in technology solutions. I’m currently working towards my level 6 Apprenticeship.

Civica stands out.

Apprentices at Civica are in a very fortunate position. I’ve been lucky enough to go on a lot of extra training, both internal and external. That’s something I maybe took for granted until I compared myself to other people studying on my AQA course. At Civica, I know that if I say I’d like to do a course they will aim to place me on the training a few months later.

Earning while learning.

You can just choose to do a level 3 Apprenticeship but I’ve chosen to keep going. Once I’ve completed my level 6 qualification, I’ll have a full degree from Roehampton University. Over the last four years I’ve gained a huge amount of experience, earning while learning. My role at Civica is supporting me financially through my education meaning I’ll get a degree without any student debt!

Why Civica?

Before joining Civica the AQA examinations board sent me to several different interviews for a variety of different companies. After my interview with Civica I called my parents and told them that I really hoped I’d got the job!

Civica made it fun, they were easy to talk to and I knew they would be good to work with. They asked me a lot of questions, not just about work and it just felt right. Having my future boss at the interview also made the decision that much easier because we got on well together right away.

Civica family.

I feel like we have a great culture here at Civica. Putting your career first is exactly what the company wants, because Civica genuinely wants to see you develop, progress and get as much from the experience as possible.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been difficult for us all. I’m really grateful for the support I’ve received from my colleagues and the wider business. I’ve especially appreciated our daily Teams catch-up calls which make it feel like you’re back in the office. That’s makes a big difference when you spend all day in a flat on your own like I do.

Horizons Project.

As a Civica Apprentice, I took part in our Horizons Project. Horizons runs for 12 months and gives you the opportunity to work on mini-projects with other graduates and apprentices from across the business.

Horizons gives you a broad overview of the different business areas and helped give me an idea of what I’d like to do when I finish my apprenticeship. I’d like to join one of Civica’s Consultancy teams once I finish my degree (although I was saying Account Management six months ago!)

Working with a young team on Horizons was a lot of fun and it’s great that some of the work we’ve done has been used by the wider Group. Here’s a link to a short video we produced as part of our Horizons Project:

One piece of advice to anyone thinking about applying to work at Civica?

Our colleagues make the difference. It’s like standing in front of a mirror; if you’re really sad about something, the people standing in front of you will reflect your emotion (and be sad for you) but when you’re really happy everyone’s really pleased for you.

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