Jo Richardson, Revenues Processor

A different ball game

My position sits within Civica’s OnDemand team, where I process Council Tax on behalf of Edinburgh City Council. OnDemand is a pool of experienced people who help our clients deliver frontline services, such as council tax, business rates and housing benefit.

My first role with Civica was as a General Processor, having initially joined Civica’s OnDemand team on a temporary basis as a contractor. Contract work is fairly common in this industry and it affords a certain level of flexibility and autonomy over your work which I’ve always loved.

During my contracting days I’d had a taste of other private companies and been offered permanent positions several times before… I’d been reluctant to take up those offers as I’d always felt as though I was seen as more of a resource rather than an asset.

Civica’s a completely different ball game. From the moment I walked through the door I’ve embraced Civica’s unique culture. Our remote working policy has transformed my working environment: from a contracting perspective it’s the dream! I’m no longer living out of a suitcase and it’s been an absolute lifesaver in terms of integrating work with my young family.

The support structure I’ve experienced is also unrivalled. That was something I didn’t know I needed as a contractor, but having regular check-ins and support from my manager and the wider business has had a huge impact on my development and job satisfaction.

Most of our local authority customers’ work in similar ways, but each customer will have nuances in their operations. When you’ve worked with several different local authorities, you’ll find that the legislation is more or less the same but sometimes processes can be very different.

Things can be longwinded or you might have experienced better ways of working… Civica gives you a voice in those situations and I’ve been able to sit down with my manager and the customer and help them to improve their processes.

That’s amazing, not only for your day-to-day working experience, but also knowing that your ideas are being heard and implemented. That extra influence keeps you passionate in your work and gives you the confidence to keep challenging and developing.

Career progression was something we talked about in my very first interview with Civica. Soon after joining, I was enrolled on a management training course, with the view to progressing into a leadership role. I now oversee a team of five at Edinburgh City Council and I’m the main person for liaisons between Civica and the customer. The five years I’ve spent with Civica have been really successful for me personally. I’ve won OnDemand’s Employee of the Month several times and I think that underlines how well suited I am to this environment.

To be a successful Revenues Processor you’ll need to know council tax inside out and be flexible in your approach - Civica will give you the platform to excel.