Civica IT Scholarship Programme – 1st & 2nd Year Students - Belfast


13th May 2022

Civica IT Scholarship Programme – 1st & 2nd Year Students

Location: Belfast

About the Scholarship Programme 

The Civica Scholarship Programme, supported by Queen's University Belfast and Ulster University, aims to attract and support fresh talent into the IT sector. The scheme will give several successful students a scholarship package worth up to £25,000.

The Civica Scholarship Programme supplements students’ academic learning in University with real life business experience, through working with ICT professionals who are happy to share their knowledge and experience with scholarship students. In addition to a paid bursary, students benefit from industrial experience within Civica’s Belfast office, including paid summer and year out placements.

What we’re looking for:

4 x First Year students looking for a Summer placement starting June 2022

4 x Second Year students looking to secure a year in industry for 2022/23 starting June 2022

The Civica Scholarship Programme is currently open for undergraduates in Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University who are currently in their first year at university and will require a year-out placement. We are currently looking for four first-year students from IT-related degrees to join the Civica Scholarship Programme.

What’s in it for you

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to do full time, paid placements over the summer holidays between university years, and may choose to stay on part time when they go back to university. They will have a guaranteed full-time year-out placement in the third year of study and will receive £1000 per year in bursaries in their other academic years.

  • Personal development and growth 
  • Learn and work with industry professionals 
  • £1,000 bursary each academic year
  • Paid summer work
  • Paid industrial placement in year 3
  • Opportunity for paid part-time work
  • Potential for a permanent position

What you’ll be involved in

Three of these placements will have a strong interest in front and back end web platform development, and the fourth will be working on lower stack, embedded software.

In Civica NI, we work across a range of tools and technologies to deliver systems and services for our customers. We utilise modern, cloud native technologies to build web-based systems and mobile applications. These include:

  • .Net Core and .Net
  • ASP.Net Core
  • SQL Databases (including SQL Server and Postgres) and Azure Cosmos Db.
  • Azure platform services
  • Serverless functions
  • Xamarin

Our Embedded Engineering team has its own electronics laboratory in the Belfast office, and works on embedded software applications, with a focus on both the control plane and data plane of computer networks. The WanStax Application Framework is developed to run on network processors and provide the ability to configure various network protocols for bridging, routing, link protection, etc.  Our customers are network device manufacturers, and we implement our software on top of their hardware. WanStax has seen use in service provider networks, defence, aerospace, transport, and more.

The “tech stack” as such for this team looks like this:

  • Embedded hardware (network processors, CPUs, etc.)
  • U-Boot
  • Linux
  • WAF

All of which is C programming and requires computer networking knowledge or at least a keen interest in learning this area.

If you’re interested in finding out more, apply now! 


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