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Civica is a technology partner of choice for local Municipal and Mayor’s Courts. Our specialist applications and digital capabilities are helping these courts to adapt to a changing landscape and deliver improved customer services.

Cloud software

Our seamlessly integrated solutions are modular by design so that customers can select which components they need most with the option to continue expanding their IT capabilities into the future.

Civica has tools that improve document scan and archive management, data integrity, mobile systems access, automation of processes, centralization of data for easy sharing and analytical business intelligence.


Underpinned by expertise in data analytics, mobile technologies and secure systems, Civica is helping justice departments, court operations and fine collection services to meet legislative and regulatory challenges while transforming customer experience through modern multi-channel digital services.

We make it easier for third party stakeholders – such as legal services providers, jurors, plaintiffs and defendants – to retrieve information they need to know about for their individual engagements with the judicial system.

IT managed services

Civica’s flexible approach to customer engagement means that organizations can run their systems internally or as managed services provided by Civica. We have the experience and infrastructure to manage everything from application hosting to custom-development and software asset management. Civica can also facilitate hardware procurement, systems administration, software licensing and service management.