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Enhancing patient services, improve financial, workforce & care management.

Civica Health & Care Overview

Civica delivers software and services to 400 health and care providers in the UK, Canada and Australia. We work with 200 NHS Trusts, a third of NHS Commissioners, and many independent residential and community care providers.

We’re committed to helping our customers streamline the delivery of integrated care, enhance patient services and improve financial, workforce and care management.

Business-Critical Software

Every day, Civica software is used to deliver responsive frontline services and efficient administration, for example enabling 150 teams at Cardiff & Vale University Health Board to handle 1.3 million case notes annually and deliver integrated community and mental health care based on a single electronic patient record.

Our cloud-based solutions are used to deliver a resilient environment and flexible capacity, such as enabling Montreux Healthcare to deliver rapid Group-wide functionality from resident administration and biometric touchscreen workforce management to comprehensive income processing, credit control and analytics.

Digital Health Solutions

Our digital solutions are helping progress the national digital strategy, and help organisations to move towards a paperless health service. This has enabled King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to make faster decisions and improve patient care while saving £700,000 over 2 years.

With a leading capability, we plan, build and manage effective digital solutions for internal and external users. For the Department of Health, we built a new cloud-based intranet – the first government intranet to be hosted on a public cloud platform – to give users the right information at the right time and save an estimated £1.4 million annually.

Managed Services

Civica also provides a broad range of managed services, ranging from cloud solutions and application hosting to business process services enabled by software and automation. Covering hardware, infrastructure, software and service management, Civica is a proven partner with a flexible commercial approach, helping our customers to work efficiently and effectively and to speed up the adoption of modern technology.

Supporting over 400 health & care providers 

£60 billion of NHS funds processed annually

Annual care billing of over £3 billion

Civica Health & Care Overview

Unifying your health & care for better clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

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Financial management in the NHS is under scrutiny as never before. Our solutions help you make informed financial decisions for both operational management and for planning and modelling. You can quickly see how costs vary across clinical areas, procedures and clinicians to provide a secure platform to maintain strong financial control.

Our latest Clinical Management and Portal software can help you prepare for a paperless NHS. It delivers a centralised virtual patient record providing a complete clinical picture to achieve tangible savings, operational efficiencies and improved patient care.

Receiving the highest score on the NHS England (HCIS) Framework, our ePrescribing solution ensures patients receive the right combination of medicines every time. Supporting the entire medicines use process, it encompasses a safe and practical structure from pre-administration, medicines reconciliation to discharge.

Civica offers a flexible and tailored IT Cloud and Managed Service to meet your business needs.

Being in a community of 130 NHS Provider Trusts now using Civica SLAM, we know we can rely on the quality costed data from SLAM to comprehensively manage our activity against plan and ensure we stay in complete control of our contract income.

Craig Grieve, Finance System Manager, Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation Trust

Mental Health & Community

Supporting mental health services users in both the community and in hospital is dependent on giving care professionals access to the most up-to-date information.

Our software enables organisations to create models which ensure more efficient and safe care delivery. Health records can be transferred with the patients into the community providing seamless care. Mobile working empowers care professionals by having the right information when and where it is needed.

Our responsive and browser agnostic web based Clinical Management and Portal solution transforms patient care with real-time single view access to critical information.

Getting the right information about prescribing and administering medicine has a positive impact on clinical practice and patient care. Civica’s ePrescribing solution adheres to patient safety protocols to prevent adverse reactions and offers clinical decision support in real-time to ensure accurate and consistent prescribing.

Being able to manage your costs effectively is key. Our integrated income and costing solution enables you to quickly understand how cost is being managed by the service line, pathway or clinician. The dashboards and reports support the identification of more cost-efficient ways of working.

We have a range of Cloud and Managed Services to meet your needs.

Civica’s technology is helping us to establish the most effective electronic patient record for the community of Cardiff and Vale” Mark Cahalane, Programme Manager, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board

Child Health

Civica systems provide a fully integrated health and social care record for children from birth. This enables care professionals to understand the needs of each child and provides a complete picture of care being delivered by multiple health and social care agencies. This helps to ensure the practitioner can make fully informed decisions regarding care for the child, siblings and family unit. Using a mobile device ensures information is available to the practitioner where and when it is needed.

Our solutions help to:

  • Reduce costs by enabling practitioners to collect information at the point of care.
  • Improve productivity with less data-entry time spent back at the office.
  • Support expected future service planning
  • Monitor the quality and coverage of child programmes to target missed key interventions
  • Mobilise the workforce
Paris Child Health has proved an efficient and effective tool for the planning of vaccinations and immunisation services within Cheshire. The flexibility of reporting from the system has meant that we can produce detailed data within a short time period and respond to the changing demands of modern health care provision. Howard Johnson, Applications System Manager, Cheshire & Wirral IT Solutions

Adult & Childrens Social Care

We offer a fully integrated, health and social care solution with a 360 degree view of the client enabling care delivery in a more personalised and efficient way. It can be flexibly deployed along the full spectrum of care settings, from fully Council led Social Care to a Health-oriented environment.

Our solution uses a single set of coherent care documentation, tailored to your organisation and a multidisciplinary way of working. These move with the service user along their care journey as it touches each of the teams and professionals charged with their care.

Professionals are able to see the very latest information from the most recent care interactions and can add to the holistic record this provides. This provides the service user with a single Independence Plan.

Our Business Process Outsourcing and On Demand services enable Authorities to take advantage of high quality, efficient, and cost effective services to deliver in full or in part to your requirements. In addition we have significant experience in cloud and managed service.

Civica continues to provide Conwy Social Services with a product that can be quickly adapted to meet our increasing requirements. The developing work to link Paris with the Civica EDM is a key element in our digital agenda; this will allow us to provide a social care service that can meet the demands of both practitioners and public"

Jenny Williams, Director of Social Services, Conwy County Borough Council

Private Sector

Civica’s financial and workforce management solutions help private health providers control costs, manage reputational risk and improve care. Software can be flexibly deployed across residential, community, mental health and nursery care sectors to enable you to automate processes, achieve better return on investment and deliver commercial results.

Our solution spans income processing and staff cost control, financial management and data analytics, also including end-to-end scheduling for community care, complex care and care provision in the home.

We continue to extend our reach in the private sector, underpinned by the development of software including an enhanced eCompliance solution, ePrescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA) system, developed with the involvement of 30 practising NHS professionals, and an innovative Workforce Optimisation solution harnessing GIS technology to help you reduce costs whilst improving quality of care delivery.

In addition we are able to offer you a choice of cloud and managed service options at a level to meet your requirements.

The Coldharbour software solution is a key component in the delivery of our national strategy plan and the significant investment in Civica is aligned to our strategic vision for the Brothers of Charity Services in England. Civica has demonstrated an excellent understanding of our requirements. By using this technology, and through the great support and engagement we have received, we are confident that we have chosen the ideal partner to help us transform our services.

Darron Grundy, Chief Executive, Brothers of Charity Services in England

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