Civica SensAI

An intuitive cloud based platform to capture people and vehicle flow

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Cloud based people and vehicle flow capturing platform

SensAI is a flexible solution that captures data from any IoT device - including WiFi, cameras and sensors to support real-time insights into the behavioural patterns of people, vehicles and other objects in selected spaces.

  • Track numbers of people in a retail space or transport hub and receive an alert when thresholds are reached 
  • Let customers know waiting times in airport lounges or in queuing systems
  • Monitor people entering a restricted area and prompt to prevent safety issues
  • Identify usage trends for a bus route, public park or tourist attraction, and adjust timetables or opening hours accordingly.


Why choose SensAI?

Deliver improved public services

Increase business insights

Capture data from any IoT device

SensAI at Belfast City Airport

Belfast City Airport partnered with Civica to build an IoT cloud-based solution that would:

  • Provide a detailed view of passenger’s journey through the airport 
  • Improve and automate security clearance process
  • Use real-time data to identify and auto classify baggage 
  • Support the monetisation of complementary services for their partners
  • Leverage their existing IoT network
  • Be easily managed 
  • And ultimately, improve experiences

From terminal building to tarmac, SensAI is connecting data, connecting passengers and improving the customer experience. The platform was integrated with the Airport’s existing camera network – keeping costs down, minimising disruption and quickly building an innovative solution to cover all aspects of Airport life.

SensAI was deployed within the airport and fully operational within just two weeks and currently provides real-time information on passengers (numbers, locations, heavy use areas etc.) –enabling rapid use to improve customer experience.

COVID-19 has been a challenge for many especially the travel industry. SensAI is helping BCA comply with regulations by monitoring social distancing and use of face masks to improve their passenger’s confidence and safety in the airport environment.

Brian Roche,

Director of IT,

Belfast City Airport

SensAI helps us in process efficiency, identifying new revenue opportunities, enhancing reporting on our compliance and regulatory requirements, and allowing us to make better business decisions. We’re excited about innovating with Civica as the capability of the platform grows.

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