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An easier way to encourage flexible working with Civica Workspace Booking.

Helping teams to work wherever

In 2020, our working behaviors drastically shifted, and employees often prefer a flexible approach to work. As offices and work spaces re-open, employees need to know they will have a desk to work from and that the environment will be safe.

Civica Workspace Booking is a desk booking solution that simplifies the management of shared workspace to support a safe return to the office or adoption of blended working practices.


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Why choose Civica Workspace Booking?


  • Centralise management of multiple office and locations
  • Stimulate flexible working
  • Maintain COVID-19 compliance and safety
  • Attract and retain a modern workforce
  • Inform right-sizing of facilities with workspace occupancy
Benefits for the employee

When travelling to the office, ensure everyone has access to a desk and can be located with their teams. Our mobile-friendly solution allows you to make your booking from anywhere and at any time. In just a few clicks, book for yourself and colleagues at the perfect place in the office. For those regular visits, save time by using the recurring bookings feature.

Or, maybe you want a standing desk or one that is wheelchair accessible. Search for spaces based on attributes to help you find the workspace that works for you.

Benefits for the Facility Manager

Our solution is tried and tested across multiple countries, sites, and locations. By allowing employees to book the desks that you make available we free up valuable administration time to be spent elsewhere.

We will help you configure the solution to meet your needs, and provide training for your administrators to ensure a smooth go-live.

Employees scan in when they arrive at their desk so you know who has worked where so appropriate cleaning can take place, and accurate recording of desk usage is captured.

Benefits for the IT Manager

Hosted in Azure Cloud, our solution has zero footprints and adds nothing to your existing workload. Integration through Azure AD enables single sign-on. In addition, users can access the system from their personal or work devices.

Benefits for the business leader

Employees are demanding a new way of working. They don’t want to be in the office five days a week, but there are times when coming together face to face is invaluable. Increase employee satisfaction by enabaling blended working, whilst also saving money on facility costs.

As we still need to operate in COVID safe measures, be confident that you are minimising the risk to your staff and that organisational policy is being followed.

Ian Holden,

Managing Director,


The online desk booking system has been critical in helping us welcome back staff to our seven UK hubs and the offices in India and Australia. It takes only a matter of seconds to book a workspace online. In turn, this has eliminated administration time for facility managers, making it easier to maintain high health and safety standards and keep our teams feeling safe at work.

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