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CivicaPay is a payments and income management solution designed to support the changing needs of the housing sector. The cloud software offers a wide range of payment options, automating collection and reducing the risk of arrears.

The tenant is at the heart of the solution

With CivicaPay, your tenants have self-service access to account balances and the ability to set up paperless recurring payments (Direct Debit or payment card), saving you time and giving you the reassurance and predictability of regular collection.


The CivicaPay solution can be tailored to your organisation's needs, and the requirements of your tenants. Cloud-based and easily integrated into your existing platform, CivicaPay allows you to offer payment methods that reflect the available service or product.

Fast settlement of funds

CivicaPay's streamlined processes ensure that your money is collected and settled into your account as quickly as if you had collected the money yourselves. Our solution gives you total visibility of your income, allowing you more control over your cash flow.

Instant access to transaction history

Easily access a central tenant record which shows all transactions and payment history, available as soon as a transaction is made and integrated directly into your finance management system.

We know the housing sector

As the leading partner in the sector, Civica has a suite of established housing and asset management solutions. With more than 20 years' experience, our digital platform supports over 5 million tenants. CivicaPay builds on this knowledge, allowing us to offer a solution designed to support the requirements of the sector.

Is accepting payments costing you too much? We can help you save up to 63%.

CivicaPay can cut your costs across transactions and administration, improve your cashflow and help you to free up valuable resources. To find out how much you could save, contact us for a free evaluation.

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Why choose CivicaPay?

  • Speeds up transaction and settlement times, giving you quicker access to your income
  • Introduces a more efficient, self-service paperless process, reducing administration
  • Allows tenants to easily set up recurring payments, making your income more reliable

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