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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) protects the public, reduces crime and brings offenders to justice. 

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Our integrated ANPR systems deliver real-time information to law enforcement agencies to support operational response, traffic management, road safety and offence investigation.

If a vehicle passing an ANPR enabled camera is untaxed, or has been stolen or used for criminal activity, Civica ANPR will notify you so that you can take action.

Data from the ANPR camera network is securely transmitted to a back-office platform, which manages and audits the incoming data to support real-time detection and provide post-incident information.

Create the ANPR network you need

Our ANPR systems incorporate cameras, image processing and communications in a single unit, making deployment and remote notification quick and easy.

We offer three ANPR systems: Fixed Site, In Car Mobile and Redeployable. You can use any of them alone, or combine them into a network to cover the roads across your agency’s operational area.

Fixed Site ANPR

Typically used for high-traffic areas with a steady stream of traffic. The City of London Police have used Fixed Site ANPR systems to minimise terrorist threats, by monitoring every road junction entering the City and capturing the details of every vehicle coming into the area.

Fixed Site ANPR deployments are highly effective, with a consistent capture point and unbeatable accuracy. Our Fixed Site ANPR systems consist of:

  • Dual ANPR cameras (ANPR and colour overview cameras in a single housing)
  • High-performance software engines
  • Integrated communications systems
  • Industrial PCs to safely record and store ANPR data

In Car Mobile ANPR

In Car Mobile ANPR enables in-vehicle capture and analysis of ANPR data at key locations, to address specific threats or situations. A combination of internally and externally mounted cameras linked to a mobile data terminal allows officers to access information in real time inside their vehicles.

In Car Mobile ANPR consists of:

  • Simple tablet- and MDT -based control applications
  • Internal and external ANPR and overview cameras
  • Speed enforcement and audio detection hardware
  • Full compatibility with your back-office systems

Redeployable ANPR

Redeployable ANPR offers tactical flexibility during specific operations. Connected to your control room using integrated 3G/4G, our Redeployable ANPR cameras can cover multiple lanes at the same time. To provide flexibility in remote or rural areas, the cameras can be battery operated.

Our Redeployable ANPR systems are quick and easy to set up and deploy. They deliver:

  • Pan-tilt-zoom control for CCTV operations
  • Colour cameras and night-vision technology
  • Fast, reliable IP video streaming

We have delivered ANPR systems for customers including:

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