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What does it mean to be a digital organisation?

Changing citizen expectations, economic uncertainty and rapid advances in technology mean that organisations are facing pressure to change the way they think and operate like never before. We launched Civica Digital to help organisations tackle these challenges and become high-performing digital organisations. What does being a mature digital organisation involve? We think it's the following: 

  • Using data to generate actionable insights that help you better understand your customer and your business, enabling the delivery of  improved customer services and more efficient operations
  • Delivering digital services so engaging that customers prefer them over more traditional means
  • Underpinning your organisation with a secure and scalable platform that enables you to grow and adapt
  • Having a culture of innovation and agility that enables you to rapidly build, test and launch new offerings and solutions, improving them them on the fly. 

Helping you run with the power of digital

To help our customers become great digital organisations, we've organised the wide breath of capability within Civica Digital into practices that align to your business goals. We'll work with you to deliver the following outcomes:

  • Deeper business insight to drive robust decision-making and excellence in customer experience and operations

Deeper business insight

Improved customer experience

Increased operational efficiency

An update from Chris Doutney

It's been an exciting year for our team and I've had the pleasure of getting to know many of our customers. I've been delighted to see the strength of the partnerships we enjoy with you and how the work we do together is impacting people throughout the UK — from making it easier to bank online and keeping the nation's motorways safe through to supporting the victims of serious crime and helping councils establish a single view of their citizens.

Our new customer newsletter presents an opportunity to share with you our latest news, opinions and events in one place. You'll find links to our articles and reports, along with case studies from organisations within both the public and private sectors. We hope it gives you a better understanding of our business and some insight into how we're helping organisations like yours across the country.

A deeper dive into Civica 

Throughout our newsletters, we also plan to take a closer look at the capabilities within Civica  and how they're relevant to you. This month we're featuring our Business Insight and Analytics practice in more detail, with practice lead Trevor Hodges sharing how his team helps organisations become insights-driven businesses, enabling improved decision-making and a better understanding of customers. 

I hope you find this update from Civica to be of value and we welcome any feedback you may have on what you'd like to see in future newsletters. I encourage you to reach out to me personally should you ever have any questions or concerns.

Best wishes, 
Chris Doutney

Photo Chris Doutney