3rd January 2017

Victoria state government to improve infringement management and citizen interaction with Civica


The Victorian State Government has awarded Civica, a market leader in critical software applications, digital solutions and outsourcing services, a contract worth
A$103.6 million for the provision of an integrated Infringements Enforcement and Warrants management system with ongoing support for 8 years.

The VIEW system will help to improve and streamline operations, allow increased self-service citizen engagement, and support the introduction of the Fines Reform Act 2014. It will underpin more effective infringement enforcement processes, allowing the government to manage the collection of fines, civil judgment debts and victim compensation orders more efficiently. This includes improved verification, processing and monitoring of infringement notices and an enhanced experience for citizens and for field-based staff.

Technology has a significant role to play in transforming State services and we’re delighted to have been selected by the State of Victoria to support its transformation agenda in the area of infringement management. As a local IT provider with strong global backing and experience, we look forward to delivering a highly functional solution which encapsulates global best practice.” Richard Fiddis, Managing Director for Civica International

Civica will be building on its existing Melbourne capabilities and has also committed to the Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP) to source employees where possible from the local economy to support the contract.