Powering up the workforce: HR tech in a blended working world

15th July 2021

How HR is using smart data and cloud technology to evolve further.

  • New Civica survey shows how HR is using smart data and cloud technology to evolve further
  • Most HR respondents found managing remote teams biggest challenge during COVID-19
  • Over 84% state mental health and wellbeing issues had major impact on workforce.

Almost overnight in March 2020, thousands of UK businesses closed their offices and asked employees to work from home for the foreseeable future. While the COVID-19 pandemic has had a serious short-term impact on the economy and people’s livelihoods, some of the most far-reaching consequences have been on the way we work, creating a blueprint for more digital, flexible and innovative working processes.

A new survey from Civica and People Management, shows how the pandemic has accelerated the evolution of the HR function and shifted priorities. HR professionals gave their views on how they’d coped with the challenges of the past 18 months and how tech has helped them overcome these issues.

More than 82% of survey respondents cited managing remote teams as the biggest challenge they’ve faced. However, with 76% of respondents reporting improved, or unchanged productivity, there’s a strong argument for retaining more agile working arrangements going forward. Productivity and cost implications will need to be balanced against the wellbeing of employees. With 84% of respondents citing mental health and wellbeing issues as having a major impact on the workforce, it’s no surprise that more organisations are investing in roles dedicated to these areas.

Throughout all this, HR technology has and will continue to be essential to business leaders and employees alike as a distributed workforce looks set to stay. Almost half (49%) of respondents have invested in new digital tools in response to the pandemic and 51% plan to do so in the future.

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