4th February 2020

New Spydus release offers improved digital engagement for citizens

Civica has announced the latest release of its cloud-based Spydus library management system, which focuses on customer engagement and data privacy.

Melbourne, February 4, 2020: Civica, a global leader in software for public services, has announced the latest release of its cloud-based Spydus library management system used by public libraries and education institutions worldwide. 

The latest upgrade focuses on enhancing digital engagement for library staff and patrons, automating key workflows such as weeding, providing more options to increase customer privacy and security. It includes more options for managing library events, using the dedicated Events module, as well as enhancements to the core Spydus staff solution and customer interface.

Key features which continue to improve staff and patron workflows are:

  • Options for library patrons to manage their membership renewals directly via the OPAC, ensuring that library data remains accurate and allowing them to use the library without interruptions of membership expiry.
  • Allowing patrons to link their Goodreads account to their library membership, enabling discoverability of library items based on their existing Goodreads shelves. 
  • Introducing the ability to export bibliographic data in a BIBFRAME format, linking out authority headings to external sources, and merging bibliographic records.
  • Sending ad-hoc communications to patrons via email or SMS alongside existing library notices.

Building weeding profiles to allow libraries to create custom criteria within Spydus to assist in automating the weeding process of library collections. 

Nicole Kilah, Coordinator Libraries and Galleries, Lockyer Valley Regional Council, says: “We are really excited about this latest Spydus release. This version features an extension of some self-service functionality and several enhancements in the events module which will allow our staff to streamline how they record information such as dietary requirements and manage waiting lists. The ability to mark attendance for library events by just scanning a library card gives our library a lot of data to help us review our events. 

These new features show that Civica has listened to their customers by providing additional functionality to core modules as well ensuring libraries are meeting expectations regarding security and privacy options.

Iain Finlayson, Managing Director for Libraries and Education Solutions for Civica says: “In addition to features that enhance the library experience for customers, data privacy and security is extremely important and we have given libraries control to what works best for their staff and customers.

“Civica has worked closely with libraries to shape the future of Spydus and we are continually enhancing its rich set of features. Feedback through regular customer forums, training and events has prompted the development of some exciting new features as well as some enhancements to those that already exist. We have an exciting roadmap that ensures we remain innovative.”