30th September 2021

CEO Update

As 2021 progresses, I’m pleased to see the continued progress with the re-opening of our economies and a sense of optimism returning for us all.

For Civica, we continue to be guided by the official advice provided by the governments and health ministries of the UK and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India and the USA. In many regions we’re now operating a blended working model with colleagues able to work safely and flexibly at various locations including our hub offices supported by our workspace booking app.

Over the last 12 months, via our regular pulse surveys, our colleagues have continued to tell us how they’d like to work post pandemic. From the outset and still today, there’s been a clear appetite for us to adopt a more blended approach - dividing our working week between a number of locations, including home and office.

Post lockdown, we want to give as many of our colleagues as possible the option to adopt this approach while we continue to invest in creating an engaging, innovative and agile work environment and to support a positive work life balance. However, we recognise that this won’t be appropriate for everyone given the nature of their role and our customers’ expectations. Achieving the right balance to support the needs of our Civica colleagues and our customers will remain at the forefront of our minds.

As we have re-opened our facilities (in line with government and health ministries’ guidance), we carry out appropriate risk assessment and establish a clear mitigation plan to provide the right support and protection for our colleagues and customers. The personal safety and well-being of our 5,000 plus global team and all visitors to our premises, remains a top priority. This is underpinned by our focus on positive health, including through our Civica mental health champions and a variety of additional support mechanisms. With the virus still very much with us, we maintain a central process to capture all potential COVID-19 cases.

The way in which our industry has responded over the last year has been enormously encouraging. I’m particularly grateful to all of our Civica colleagues who, unprompted, have risen to the many challenges, delivering solutions, resources and tools that have helped organisations around the world adapt critical public services. Our COVID-19 experience has shown us all that it’s possible to move with speed to deploy innovative projects and services, with a real change in the pace of digital adoption.

As we move into the next phase of living with this global pandemic, I’d like to once again applaud the tireless efforts of our public services and other providers in responding to the pressing needs of people and communities. I’d also like to thank all of our employees for their continued commitment and resilience which has helped ensure our business continuity and performance.

Based on our clear focus and the nature of Civica’s software, our business continues to perform strongly including ongoing strategic development. We have maintained all business activities, supported by our strong cloud foundation and enhanced remote working practices. I am delighted that into 2021 we have continued our progress, expanding the use of our software to support customer priorities supported by our Civica NorthStar innovation lab and the application of emerging technologies in our products.

If you have any ideas or requests for how we can be doing more to help, then please contact us.

Wayne Story

Chief Executive Officer