3rd February 2020

Best occupational health & safety software solutions provider

We are excited to announce that Warwick International, a Civica Group company have won the Best Occupational Health & Safety Software Solutions Provider in this year’s UK Enterprise Awards. For more than 30 years, we have been the leading developers and suppliers of innovative occupational health and health and safety software.

Today, our software supports organisations across the whole industry spectrum with their responsibility to keep their employee’s safety and well-being at the top of their business agenda. It also enables both public and private sector organisations to deliver these critical services effectively and as efficiently as they can.

This unique software is not just a repository for data: instead, it offers a solution in the form of its powerful analytical tools, which turn data into information and using that information provides the knowledge to act and act with trust and accuracy. As a result, we are able to help make our clients’ workforce more effective and support business to ensure they are providing their employees with the support they need.

To ensure that staff are able and willing to go above and beyond to support their clients, we work tirelessly to build a healthy internal culture where employees feel supported and valued.

In the world today, where remote communication is becoming the norm, we believe there is no substitute for regular face-to-face contact with customers, and as such, we remain dedicated to offering them the support they need either face-to-face or remotely, depending on their preference. This ensures that clients feel supported throughout the process, from onboarding of the software through to day-to-day use and beyond.

Looking to the future, with the Cloud a key focus for many organisations, we have sought to enhance our service offering to develop technically advanced solutions. Our occupational health and safety software helps solve problems, protect data and delivers opportunities to customers that would not otherwise be realised. Over the years ahead we will continue to develop occupational health and safety software to offer SaaS model and the benefits the Cloud will afford to all our valued customers.

Whether you are considering new software or you are currently using a system, contact us to discuss your options +44 (0)1332 781 882 or email oh@civica.co.uk.