6th August 2019

Innovation beyond self-service - what's next?

You can now view our latest webinar at a time that suits you and discover how discover how other organisations are using the latest technology and innovations to move their digital capabilities beyond self-service.


Across Northern Ireland, digital transformation initiatives in both the public and private sector have rightly focused on moving services online to deliver citizen self-service. But as innovation continues at pace across the fields of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, IoT, mobile working and robotic process automation, what’s next after self-serve?

To fully exploit these technologies for the benefit of citizens, organisations need to recognise that digital transformation is not simply about moving existing services online. The delivery of class leading end-to-end digital services requires strategic leadership to coordinate effectivechange across people, process, technology and information disciplines.

During the webinar our expert panel discussed;

  • Key transformation drivers for N.Ireland organisations
  • What digital excellence looks like, with real world examples
  • Practical uses of how AI is revolutionising digital experiences
  • How mobile working and IoT are driving innovation
  • Using data analytics to derive insights and take action
  • How to avoid common pitfalls when implementing innovative technologies

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