Is your delivery operation resilient ?

8th July 2021

David Gladding, Director at Civica discusses how cloud technology allows you to adapt and take your business further.

The past year has been disruptive and it’s clear the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated what was already a rapidly changing world with shifting priorities. This is set to remain but we’ve identified three key challenges:

  1. Online shopping is intensifying
  2. Driver shortage and skills gaps are widening
  3. Security threat is growing.

Organisations have had to change the way they work to adapt to the pandemic. Greater adoption of cloud technologies will be key in building a more resilient operation in the face of future challenges.


  1. Online shopping is intensifying

    In January 2021, the UK recorded the highest online retail spend on record since 2008 . Over 35% of retail purchases were made online compared with 19.5% in January 2020 . Customers expect to shop online at their convenience and demand instant access to their delivery statuses.

    Retailers like Hughes is using cloud technology to manage increased customer demands. Delivery and route planning software that removes paper processes and automatically selects the most cost-effective route can save time and boost productivity. Using any device, drivers can communicate directly with their support team and update customers instantly. They can report vehicle issues, update delivery ETAs and confirm proof of delivery in real time, an invaluable benefit for contactless delivery to reduce health risk and improve customer service.

  2. Driver skills and shortage gaps are widening

    Resource availability is at the heart of any transport and logistics operation. Logistics UK revealed qualified HGV driver shortage is expected to reach over 70,000 this year with vacancies for van drivers and other logistics workers also rising significantly.

    Therefore, it’s inevitable that organisations will need to train new drivers or use agency drivers to fulfil customer demands. By specifying the driver workflow, Cormar Carpets delivers a consistent service, regardless of drivers or vehicles used.

  3. Security threat is growing

    The number of cyber-attacks increased by 35% at the start of the pandemic - a trend that will grow as technology becomes more ingrained in our daily lives. A serious attack, a data breach, or even just service downtime can cause major disruptions to businesses. It brings large fines and unhappy customers, making it a difficult recovery. As a result, organisations are spending more time and money focussing on safeguarding systems and data.

    To improve resilience, a key focus area should be on securing your IT estate. With a 99.99% average availability, cloud can give peace of mind that systems and data remain safe, improving uptimes and disaster recovery. Cloud solutions are helping many organisations, such as North Yorkshire County Council, as they improve services and securely collect payments. Cloud software is automatically updated, it reduces pressure on resources to give you and your team more time to focus on other core areas. This provides organisations with the ability to leverage the latest security technology at a fraction of the cost.