HFMA Costing Conference

14th April 2021 | Online

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22nd March 2021

Find out more about Aurum, our AI engine developed in conjunction with Civica's innovation lab NorthStar, designed to identify clinical variation; leveraging the depth and detail of the patient level costing data within CostMaster.

Through a pilot with 6 NHS Trusts, Aurum completed the equivalent of 13 years of traditional analysis in just a couple of hours. It identified a minimum of 3% additional annual improvement opportunities per Trust, finding nearly £40m of improvement opportunities to drive operational efficiencies in healthcare delivery and patient care.

Stop by our booth on the day and have a chat with the team or arrange a meeting.

The Institute’s annual costing conference provides the NHS with the latest developments and guidance in NHS costing, as well as increasing awareness of the collaborative approach needed to truly harness the power of data. The day will include interactive workshops, case study examples and policy updates.

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