IFS Global Logistics Ltd selects TranSend ePOD and Route Planning to streamline tracking of consignment delivery and collections for NI customers

IFS Global Logistics Ltd (IFS Ltd) an established global logistics provider, has invested in the TranSend electronic proof of delivery system and integrated route planning to provide greater transparency and efficiency for consignment deliveries and collections throughout Northern Ireland.

IFS Ltd run a fleet of vehicles across Northern Ireland and TranSend will help generate routes for each vehicle based on collection requests, flagging any capacity issues and changes to ETA.

Using Zebra TC56 devices with built-in scanner, drivers will have clear and detailed instructions on their PDA for all collection jobs, including weight, size and exact collection location.

Arrival and departure times will be captured, together with consignment details at each location and proof of delivery data automatically updated in the back office.

Back-office alerts highlight any exceptions to planned collections, including missed or unexpected consignments, providing accurate information on goods arriving for forwarding.

The TranSend PDA app also includes a vehicle check and defect reporting procedure that complies with DVSA and FORS guidelines with walk-around checks and vehicle defect reporting in real time.

With the implementation of TranSend ePOD and route planning, we will have the tools to better plan, manage and monitor our consignment deliveries and collections.  Providing accurate, real-time information will be a significant enhancement to the pro-active logistics supply-chain service we provide for our customers.
Simon Charlton, Transport Manager at IFS Global Logistics