9th January 2020

Cormar Carpets implements Civica TranSend proof of delivery cloud software for improved visibility and control

For Cormar, delivery service is the central USP and, with 45% of orders being placed online, it means that the customer’s first interaction could be with the driver. Regular customers expect a personalised service at the point of delivery, which is difficult to achieve with an irregular driver workforce. The TranSend ePOD app forces the driver to acknowledge instructions before each delivery can be processed.

The outcomes

  • Visualisation of vehicle location and delivery events with a timeline provides a clear picture of activity on each route with drill-down to details.
  • Easy communication between driver and back-office via messaging.
  • Route Replay is really useful to check any deviation to route and to support driver debrief process.
  • Ability to revisit previously failed stops and capture record of redelivery.
  • Barcode scanning of items onto the vehicle by the driver validates the correct stock for the route.
  • When all stops have been completed, the driver goes through a load check process, which records all items not delivered and generates alerts for any exceptions to the Customer Service team.
  • Once the route is completed, details of the final stock check are fed back through the WMS system so that they know what is being returned and to generate a credit or re-delivery.
For us, the biggest benefit is having much greater control and visibility over our deliveries, so that we can manage exceptions as they arise and thereby maintain and improve the highest level of customer service. Our performance measurement for the transport operation for On Time Delivery (OTD) has increased to 99.7% since the roll-out of TranSend.
Gary Mitchell, Distribution Manager, Cormar

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