Leading Food to Go supplier, Adelie Foods, selected Civica's TranSend electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) app to offer more accurate control and traceability of food items loaded onto vehicles and delivered to customer sites, and to provide real-time business alerts for any potential issues in the delivery process.

Route and order data is imported from Adelie’s ERP system and pushed to the TranSend ePOD app deployed on Zebra TC56 devices to manage the vehicle loading process, deliveries and collections with detailed workflow for each route and stop.

Adelie operates over 250 vehicles, delivering more than two million units each week in 3,500 daily deliveries from six nationwide depots, to customers across multiple industry channels. TranSend enables Adelie's drivers to handle customer-specific delivery processes and any additional steps.

The ability to scan products on and off the vehicle and track the entire delivery process provides the operational visibility we need to maximise our delivery efficiency and customer service. Being able to handle customer-specific delivery requirements, including instructions for unattended deliveries, was considered a critical mission to our business as it means that any driver can deliver to any site and therefore provides greater flexibility in driver resourcing." Ben Westhead, Distribution Support Manager, Adelie Foods

Adelie Foods is the UK’s leading Food to Go business, supplying the UK retail and foodservice sectors with an unrivalled portfolio of consumer insight-led chilled food product. From its four manufacturing locations and six distribution centres across the country, Adelie supplies a diverse range of retail and foodservice customers with own-label products and URBAN eat, the UK’s leading sandwich brand.

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