Swale Borough Council ensures compliant document retention and disposal.

20th March 2018

Civica Digital360 Disposal module automates disposals in line with customer expectations and regulatory requirements.

Swale Borough Council in Kent looks after the needs of some 145,000 residents. Each year, around 2,500 people claim housing benefit and council tax support.

The council uses Civica Documents electronic document management (EDM) system to store the related case files, whose contents must be removed on expiry to meet regulatory requirements. Given the effort and risk involved in manual disposals, the council has automated the process.


  • Prompt deletion of expired documents with regular automated disposal routines
  • Almost 6 million expired documents disposed of over three years, freeing up server space to improve application performance and avoid expenditure on additional storage
  • Peace of mind for Swale Borough Council’s customers that their information is automatically and securely removed on expiry
  • Simplified compliance with the council’s document retention policy, and avoidance of fines and other liabilities for non-compliance with data protection regulations
  • High levels of confidence in the Digital360 Disposal module through ease of use, user-specified disposal parameters, and ‘safeguard’ feature.

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Colin Gibbs,

System Administration Assistant,

Swale Borough Council

The Digital360 Disposal module does what it says on the tin. If you set the right parameters, you can’t go wrong. We’re very confident using it.