30th May 2017

OnDemand Resource helps North Lincolnshire Council

Reducing Adult Social Care financial assessment backlog

Increasing backlog was a problem for the Council and its service users In 2016, North Lincolnshire Council was struggling to keep on top of its Adult Social Care financial assessments because of resourcing challenges driven by a combination of sickness, holidays and the departure of key individuals. By the middle of the year the delay in completing assessments had increased to more than 12 weeks, which in turn meant the Council wasn’t able to charge customers and bring in revenue for over three months. Service users, meanwhile, were unhappy about the length of time it was taking for financial assessments to be completed.

Experienced officers help maximise income Bringing Civica in has proved to be highly cost effective for two reasons. Firstly, Civica’s financial assessments officers are skilled in means-tested benefits, so they’ve been able to help maximise income for North Lincolnshire by identifying whether a customer needed to claim any additional benefits.  These additional benefits help fund the cost of their care and support - and in turn increase the contribution payable to the local authority. Secondly, the cost of the OnDemand Resource has been offset by financial gains generated by eliminating the backlog. 

  • Council was provided with skilled staff dedicated to their needs
  • Backlog removed within nine weeks
  • High quality assessments provided with high levels of accuracy
  • Increased speed of collection meant it was a cost neutral exercise
  • Reduction in customer complaints
  • Freed up time for the Council to make long term improvements to the system


Civica’s financial assessment officers are highly experienced and had the expertise to hit the ground running. They gave our team confidence in the work they deliver. The Civica team has expert knowledge of our financial system and were able to adapt their skills and knowledge around our local rules and policies, taking into account the regulations of the Care Act.”
Stuart Towse, Financial Support Manager, North Lincolnshire Council

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Adult Social Care financial assessment service

Shorten processing times, eliminate assessment delays and maximise income collection

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