Mersey Care

NHS Foundation Trust

22nd September 2019

Managing conflicts of interest declarations at Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust was one of the first Civica Engagement Solutions clients to implement Declare after the new NHS England Guidance on managing conflicts of interest was announced in 2017.

The outcomes

  • Over 800 decision-making employees have been registered on Civica Declare.
  • Trust employees are able to make their declarations digitally, quickly and easily on any device.
  • 1457 declarations have been made through the Civica Declare system.
  • A well maintained and up to date public register of interests, instantly visible via the Trust’s website.
  • Transparent, real-time reporting helps increase public confidence in decisionmaking and where taxpayers’ money is spent.
  • No more manual paperwork and data entry, delivering tangible cost savings of over £40k for the Trust and efficiencies for staff.

An online system created with and for use by NHS Foundation Trusts and CCGs. It provides an easy to use system for staff to submit their declaration of interests, has increased transparency and has ensured the Trust is compliant with NHSE Guidance.
Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

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