23rd September 2020

The CDA Group Ltd revolutionises delivery service with Civica TranSend ePOD and Route Compliance

The CDA Group, UK manufacturers of quality kitchen appliances, have implemented TranSend ePOD and Route Compliance to simplify and modernise their delivery operation. As a result, provide even better customer service while driving down operational costs.

CDA has a reputation for style, innovation and quality and offer their retail clients one of the biggest and most diverse selections of appliances available. CDA operate a 20-vehicle fleet supplemented by the use of sub-contract vehicles where necessary. With an industry-leading ‘on time, first time’ delivery service, CDA’s fleet of delivery drivers pride themselves on being the best. Most deliveries take place within 24 hours of placing an order.

CDA wanted to improve their delivery operation through more efficient tracking and control of their planned deliveries and routes.  and thereby improve delivery efficiency while reducing paperwork and staff admin time.

The solution - integrated Route Planning, ePOD and Route Compliance

TranSend manages the whole delivery and collection process, including scanning and exceptions. Deployed on Zebra rugged PDA devices, the software enables real-time tracking of drivers, vehicles and deliveries, providing drivers and back-office staff with automated updates. Managers, drivers and customer service staff have tailored views that help them to respond appropriately with each customer.

As well as providing vehicle location information, TranSend monitors all activity against plan and answers the relevant questions to more pro-actively manage delivery efficiency and customer service.

The business value

The result for CDA is greater visibility of the delivery operation and its performance with a projected saving of £40k per annum in operational costs, including reduced fuel usage, reduced staff time in admin, logistics and finance, reduced printing and consumables and a reduction in customer claims.

Key benefits:

  • Improved customer service with real-time delivery information to hand
  • More efficient delivery service by monitoring and controlling planned drops
  • Reduced fuel usage through tracking route compliance
  • Reduction in staff time spent on queries on deliveries, shortages, and proof of delivery and credit claims
  • Improved cash flow through same-day invoicing using accurate delivery information
  • Ongoing savings from the reduction in paper and printing, with all information on the PDA device
  • Prompt management of exceptions by tracking delivery and driver information in real time.

“We have received excellent support from the TranSend team during our successful implementation. With the tight project management provided by the TranSend team, we were all delighted that we delivered on time and to budget.”

Mark Gibbs, Finance Director at CDA


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