Cx Community Safety

Powering a holistic overview of ASB investigations to enable informed decision-making and accelerate case resolution times.

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Safeguard your community from Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) incidents and drive better outcomes.

Cx Community Safety supports you to manage ASB and community issues effectively. Using cloud and automation technology, it accelerates response times and delivers significant time and cost savings.

Four reasons to choose Cx Community Safety:

  • Reach case outcomes with confidence - a holistic overview of ASB investigations enables informed decision-making and accelerates case resolution times
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy – automation of key tasks such as document generation or action paths boosts productivity and improves response times
  • Enhance officer preparedness and safety - customisable alerts prompt appropriate precautions to be taken prior to contact
  • Mobilise your workforce – conduct field interviews and securely enter information anytime, anywhere. All data captured automatically updates in Cx.
Our aim is to tackle ASB to create peaceful neighbourhoods for customers. Using Cx, our team of 12 can quickly see what cases they're working on and at what stage they are in the case management process, via a traffic light dashboard. Plus, priority tasks or cases can be quickly assigned/re-assigned.

It supports the team by prompting reminders at each stage through to enforcement – which supports us to manage and resolve cases efficiently.

Since lockdown in 2020, we've seen ASB cases increase fourfold and if we didn't use Cx we would be at risk of not being able to manage the increase in cases effectively.”

Jack Madge, Tenancy Enforcement Advisor, Teign Housing

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