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A faster, safer and more efficient way to manage lunchtime

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Reducing traffic and delays in the dining hall is more important than ever. Our Pre-order solution not only helps you meet social distancing guidelines, but can help you run a more efficient service.

Safety first

Cashless Pre-order is designed to keep pupils and staff safe. Lunch can be ordered from anywhere on the school site, and a delivery or collection point can be specified. This helps you keep the dining hall contact-free and maintain social distancing.

Increased revenue

Pupils can pre-order meals from any device on the school network, including mobile phones, tablets, PCs or even touchscreen kiosks. This can help encourage pupils to purchase meals onsite rather then elsewhere.

Efficiency baked-in

Orders are placed before lunchtime, which means the kitchen prepare only the meals that are required. This reduces pressure at peak times and significantly minimises waste. Catering managers have access to historical data, helping them improve stock management and make informed decisions.

Allergen management

Fully integrated with our Cashless Catering software, the Pre-order solution helps protect pupils who have allergies - unsafe options are removed from the pupil’s individual menu.

How catering and online payment technology can help keep schools safe during mealtimes

Mike Stead, Managing Director, Cashless Solutions explains how technology can support social distancing measures and protect pupils and staff

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