Making digital policing a reality 

Amidst financial pressures and new threats, the UK's police forces can leverage off-the-shelf technology to tackle the challenges of digital policing

Drive collaboration and cost savings with Office 365

Forces could save millions by leveraging the forthcoming national Office 365 platform

Amidst the challenges of resource constraints, a rise in new threats and the need to deliver new ways of working, the NPCC's ambitious Policing Vision 2025 looks to drive forward the use of common technologies across forces to help make digital policing a reality.

With forces requiring value-for-money, off-the-shelf technologies such as the Microsoft Office 365 suite offer  the opportunity to deliver much-needed cost and productivity savings, while improving collaboration across forces. 

In fact, according to a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Microsoft, Office 365 can deliver an overall saving of at least 16.4% in technology benefits alone*. For the average UK police force, this could mean a net saving of £2M over three years in infrastructure costs, implementation efforts, licences and IT support**.

With the National Enabling Programmes soon to roll out a national Office 365 platform to UK police forces, it’s critical that forces are prepared for the platform and recognise the benefits that can be realised.

Civica Digital offers complimentary 90-minute exploratory workshops to help police executives and IT decision-makers understand how their force can best leverage the benefits of Office 365, looking at:

  • How to prioritise the business outcomes you want to achieve
  • Modelling ROI to support your business case
  • How to get stakeholder buy-in
  • And more.

We’ll also touch on our experience as a secure partner to the Home Office, where we’re helping to improve information management, collaboration and workplace productivity using Office 365. 

To find out more, download our overview paper, view our helpful resources and get in touch with us today to schedule your free-of-charge workshop.

Civica Digital is currently working with the Home Office to deliver an Electronic Documents and Records Management (EDRM) solution that will be deployed on Office 365. The solution will be rolled out across the Home Office, delivering improved collaboration, workplace productivity and information management, and support ongoing robust compliance with information related policies and legislation, including the Public Records Act.”
Home Office

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Making digital policing a reality

Find out how Office 365 can help forces deliver cost savings and productivity gains in a complimentary workshop.

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*The Forrester Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Office 365 for Government Organizations
**Office 365 ROI Calculator