Civica OPENRevenues and GDPR

Civica APP & GDPR

Civica's Personal Data Management tool enhances data and consent management, enabling APP users to work more efficienctly, helping you meet GDPR legislation 

On 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect in the UK. GDPR introduces a variety of new rules with substantial fines for non-compliance.

Civica OPENRevenues offers three new solutions to support GDPR preparations for revenues and benefits departments. These solutions enhance consent and data management, helping you on your journey to GDPR compliance by enabling you to:

  • Anonymise data in testing and training systems
  • Remove outdated data efficiently
  • Identify and manage customer data and consent accurately 
  • Automate output to respond to requests for personal information
  • Better manage data records via a retention period indicator

Data management

Data management centres on the right for an individual to be forgotten. This solution enables OPENRevenues users to identify and remove outdated details effectively, helping you comply with data retention rights with reduced administration.

With this solution, local authorities can identify and delete lower priority contact details where a higher priority one exists of the same type, helping you cleanse your data. Its retention period indicator prompts the deletion of work items on existing accounts and claims that have been kept for over certain number of years to be deleted, helping you comply with data retention rights. 

Customer data management

Under GDPR, the data subject (your customers/citizens) has the right to request a copy of all personal information held by an organisation, and this record has to be provided in an electronic format within one month. 
OPENReveneus customer data and consent management solution empowers users to identify data and manage consent relating to an individual efficiently and accurately, helping you comply with data subject rights with minimal administration via an automated data extract feature. 

Data anonymisation

When utilising your ‘test’ environment for testing new software development or training, a copy of the ‘live’ database is transferred to the ‘test’ database so that the test data is sufficient in size, integrity and is meaningful to the user.
However, the new GDPR legislation prohibits ‘live’ data being held in your ‘test’ environment. OPENRevenues data anonymisation solution randomises all personal information when making the transfer from 'live' to 'test', protecting the customer data. 

These three OPENRevenues solutions can be purchased individually or as one package, depending of your requirements. 

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