Civica APP and GDPR

Civica APP & GDPR

GDPR becomes enforceable from 25th May 2018. Civica Personal Data Management Tool enhances data and consent management capabilities, helping APP users prepare for this new legislation.

On 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect in the UK. GDPR introduces a variety of new rules with substantial fines for non-compliance.

Civica Personal Data Management Tool is an advanced data and consent management solution designed specifically for APP, supporting you on your journey to GDPR compliance by enabling you to:

  • Record consent and apply global consent changes according to citizens' requests
  • Remove all record types quickly and effectively, including premises via batch deletion
  • Identify duplicate data to maintain appropriate and relevant data records 
  • Remove personal data easily through batch anonymisation
  • Simplify data cleansing in APP with advanced reporting 

Consent management

GDPR requires that local authorities must be able to confirm the type of consent given by an individual regarding the use of their data. 

Organisations must be able to relate this consent to specific activity records, and ensure this personal data is only used for agreed purposes. 

Civica Personal Data Management Tool provides clarity and transparency around the scope of use of data, simplifying consent processing to help you work more effectively. This tool enables batch deletion and global consent changes with a single action, delivering an enhanced user experience with reduced administration. 

Data management

GDPR builds on the principles of the existing Data Protection Act to strengthen the protection of citizens' personal data. 
Civica Personal Data Management Tool helps you simplify the management of records in APP which are no longer required, either due to local data retention policies, or in response to requests to be forgotten - enabling you to better satisfy GDPR requirements. 
This tool assists in locating personal information, providing a full report of record and indexed document locations, helping you to respond to Subject Access Requests efficiently and with confidence. 

Through enhanced reporting, Civica Personal Data Management Tool enables informed decision making, helping APP users work smarter. This enables identification of irregularities including old and redundant records for deletion or anonymisation, helping you better manage retention policies as stipulated by GDPR.

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