Universal Credit full service readiness workshop

Supporting your planning, ensuring you're ready for full service

Universal Credit full service readiness workshop

Supporting your planning, ensuring you're ready for full service

Transition to full service Universal Credit (UC) significantly impacts service delivery, particularly in support of the most financially vulnerable residents.

The wide ranging impact is felt beyond benefit teams, with ramifications across the local authority. With such high levels of change required, your preparation cannot start too early. Unlike the move to the live service, the impact is felt from day one and in much larger volumes you need to be ready.

Robust planning for full service must start now

Full service requires a complex programme of work alongside your business as usual operations. With the limited window of opportunity for making the necessary changes to your Council Tax Reduction (CTR) schemes, not to mention the other high risk areas, it's imperative that every authority starts its planning for full service now.

Changes to CTR schemes are just one example of the significant change that full service demands. As such widespread changes are required, you need to ensure you have robust plans in place and consider:

  • Whether your structure is fit for purpose to meet changing customer demand
  • Your workforce planning strategy and workflow trends for new claims, changes and overpayment recovery
  • The best approach to financial inclusion, considering Positive Behaviour Support, Discretionary Housing Payments, Local Welfare Assistance, bond or rent in advance, and other additional housing support outside of Housing Benefit and Universal Credit
  • How you will manage the changing face of your relationships with Jobcentre Plus, housing and support providers, to minimise rising levels of debt, specifically rent and Council Tax arrears
  • How partnership working with community sites and volunteer groups can really add value and improve service delivery
  • Whether you're accurately assessing the impact on homelessness functions, preventing evictions and maintaining availability of move-on accommodation
  • The real impact of UC’s digital-by-design approach and is the local provision adequate

Our service readiness workshop will provide the support you need to identify the risks and issues you face when migrating to full service. We will help you develop robust plans to mitigate the impacts and to focus resources in key areas in order to deliver efficient services that support vulnerable residents. 

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