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Streamline administration and finances by moving to a fully integrated and flexible school management solution

Civica School Manager (CSM) is an affordable SaaS based solution that offers the best school admin and finance tools for independent schools, while integrating easily with best of breed applications. Designed to provide a single source of truth, CSM eliminates the chance of any duplicated files - such as student records. Accessible via mobile devices, CSM also makes it easier for both teachers and staff to stay connected.

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Why upgrade to School Manager?

Accurate data – provided through a single source of truth, offers a level of certainty when making decisions regarding all areas of your school’s future.

Easy visibility through a customised dashboard, providing everything from students’ details to your school’s current financial situation – all at a glance.

Greater data security through Australian hosted data centres – keeping your families’ personal data safe.

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Module Overview

As a multi-modular platform, CSM is designed to meet the operational needs of Australian independent schools while increasing efficiency by connecting all areas of your school community. Modules available on CSM are:

Core modules

School Admin

  • Comprehensive web-based school administration system with an intuitive interface, person-centric design, and streamlined enrolment processes
  • Features include tracking of student’s journey, family information, attendance, federal/state reporting, customisable reporting tools and staff record management.

Finance & Billing

  • A fully featured finance solution that enables you to manage debt and cash flow and your budget with ease
  • All areas of financial management are covered, including student billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, procurement and asset management.

Teacher Toolkit

  • A smart and multi modular set of tools for teachers to streamline administrative classroom tasks that also support their student’s educational needs 
  • Responsive design enables teachers to use their preferred device or the one most suited to the task.

Timetabling Integration

  • Timetabling Integration allows your school to import a timetable - generated by a timetabling package that follows the LISS standard, and convert it into a sessional attendance form for teachers to record student attendance.


  • Flexible reporting tools and a comprehensive range of standard reports to support your school.
Add-on modules

Community Portal

  • A secure platform to share pertinent and up-to-the-minute information with your school community
  • Acts as the bridge between the school’s internal operations, processes, data resources and the school community by providing automated updates.

Academic Reporting

  • As an add-on to the Teacher Toolkit, this module allows teachers to manage their assessment tasks and record results in a centralised location.
  • Reporting to parents is configurable and can be managed through the admin interface. Reports can be emailed or published in the Community Portal.

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Smooth digital transformation to Civica School Manager

Seeking innovation to ensure your school's success? Regain wasted hours spent on clumsy administrative processes by switching to Civica School Manager. Watch our recent CSM webinar and learn how your school can make a smooth transition to an automated and highly efficient school management solution.

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