Civica People Boycott their beds for Action for Children

19th October 2022

We’ve raised £25,000 to support safe and happy childhoods

Thank you to all our sleepers and volunteers who took part in Action for Children’s Boycott your Bed events in London and Belfast last Friday. The evening event hosted by our Southbank hub was a huge success, with fundraisers enjoying jovial activities, and hearing heartfelt and tear-jerking personal anecdotes shared by Action for Children Board Members about their affiliation with the charity and the children who’ve received support.

Our sleepers got an insight into the conditions faced by homeless youths - though they got to keep their luxuries and a safe environment. This was Matt Goodstadt’s tenth year sleeping out; his drive and passion has certainly helped shape Civica’s long-standing support for the charity.

Between London and Belfast, we’ve raised over £25,000, contributing to the overall national total of £450,000 which will certainly make a big difference to Action for Children’s ongoing work to create safe and happy childhoods for children.

It’s not too late to donate! Support Action for Children’s work across the UK here, or specifically in Northern Ireland here by donating to our team pages.