Civica Learning supports the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

18th January 2021

Civica Learning supports the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult in increasing skills and career opportunities in the advanced therapies and vaccine manufacturing industry

Civica is pleased to announce that the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (CGT Catapult) has selected Civica Learning (formerly Agylia) to provide the advanced therapies and vaccine manufacturing industry with access to the latest training resources – enabling the upskilling of talent to meet the predicted skills demand in this space.

The initiative will be delivered through the Advanced Therapies Skills Training Network (ATSTN), further to £4.7m in support from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and Innovate UK.

CGT Catapult is an independent centre of excellence established to advance the growth of the UK cell and gene therapy industry, by bridging the gap between scientific research and full-scale commercialisation. In response to predicted skill deficits across the growing advanced therapies and vaccine manufacturing industry, CGT Catapult launched ATSTN an initiative driven by industry to upskill people into this space and respond to anticipated growth.

Learning resources will be delivered through an Online Training Platform which utilises Civica's learning management system (LMS). Civica Learning enables users to easily access a wide range of digital learning resources, including eLearning and microlearning courses, videos and support materials - providing users with the training necessary to upskill themselves and progress within the industry. For CGT Catapult’s LMS administrators, Civica Learning provides an intuitive platform for user management, the uploading and targeting of content to groups or individuals, and reporting of learning activities.

Matthew Durdy,

Chief Executive Officer at CGT Catapult

We are pleased to have worked with Civica to deliver on the ATSTN project which is of great importance to our industry. Through Civica Learning, we have selected an innovative partner which is truly committed to supporting the CGT Catapult in achieving its vision.

In addition to enabling remote learning from a wealth of industry resources, the ATSTN will also offer structured, on-site training delivered through its National Training Centres. This will be supplemented by the Career Converter tool, which enables users from outside the industry to measure their existing skillset against industry roles, providing individual learning pathways tailored to their transferable skills, whether they’re new to the industry or existing professionals.

ATSTN Learner Portal:

ATSTN Learner Portal