A Donate-a-day to support Martha Trust

30th May 2022

Volunteering isn’t always about maximising funds for a charity - it can be about saving them money too.

This week, Lola Leveridge, Tina Trevett, Yvonne Jackson, Nikki Easton, Anna Barton and Zdenka Sansom used their Donate-a-day to support Martha Trust, a charity which provides lifelong care for people with profound disabilities. We have a great relationship with the charity after Civica volunteers spruced up their outdoor space last year, and more of our green thumbed colleagues helped out this week by weeding, clearing and planting a sensory garden to include tomatoes, courgettes, carrots and flowers. However, their office also required a lick of paint.

Lola Leveridge,

Service Delivery Manager


It would have cost the charity nearly £1,000 to redecorate their office. This isn’t affordable for a small charity when donations are there to help the residents. Making the team’s office space brighter and nicer to work in makes a big difference to their day, so it was great to be able to help.
Everyone was so friendly and kind, and it’s amazing that Civica encourages us to give back to our community. If every employee did the same, it would equate to over 13 years of work… Wow!
It just goes to show the difference a day can make,” Tina added. “A few years ago we cleared a massive area of undergrowth at the entrance, and as you walk in now there's a sea of flowers in the same place!