19th March 2020

Campbells Prime Meat Ltd to implement Civica’s TranSend ePOD app and cloud management software to automate delivery process and improve operational visibility

Campbells Prime Meat to deploy Civica’s TranSend proof of delivery app on drivers’ mobile devices to track and manage deliveries with 80 vehicles across Scotland.

Based in Linlithgow, Campbells has operated since 1910, as a trusted food supplier to hotels, restaurants and catering companies across Scotland, also supplying most of the NHS, local authority schools and care homes across Scotland.

Route visibility and efficiency

Campbells was looking for a new system to deal with the unpredictability of order patterns from day-to-day, with a dynamic ordering process where orders are taken up to 11 pm for delivery by lunchtime the next day.

Campbells will no longer need to rely on internal knowledge to establish which driver is on any particular route and which drops they are making. With the implementation of intelligent, workflow-driven tracking and proof of delivery software, the company will have complete visibility of route and delivery status. Management and customer service teams with have full visibility of which orders are being delivered by which driver, and their current location so that customer queries can be handled much more quickly, including more accurate ETAs.

Stephen Sweeney, Finance Director at Campbells, explained:

“Recording delivery activity in real time will provide key delivery and route performance management information that will help us to restructure and create the most efficient and profitable routes. With better quality performance information, we can also identify commercial opportunities for expanding existing routes, where relevant.”

Tracking delivery assets

In a move to introduce a more sustainable delivery operation, Campbells changed from single-use cardboard boxes to reusable plastic crates that are left with the customer for collection on the next visit. With a manual process, these assets have become difficult to track and retrieve. With TranSend ePOD, the driver will record crates left or collected at each drop to provide an accurate and auditable record of asset location.

Stephen comments: “We will recover the cost of the whole ePOD implementation project with the savings made with tracking and management of plastic delivery crates alone.”

Time and cost savings

Replacing paper processes with real-time data capture from the driver’s device will reduce delivery information errors and time spent on admin by the driver and back office. The result is reliable POD information which enables accurate same-day billing. The ePOD app presents the driver with step-by-step instructions for each stop, which includes customer-specific processes or special instructions such as a named delivery contact, secure access codes or appending photos for unattended deliveries.

Stephen continues:

“We will dramatically reduce the admin time for credit control by capturing and recording accurate, real-time delivery information and will have clarity of information on returns. This will reduce the number of claims and provide us with instant access to POD information to handle customer queries.”

“In addition, Cash on Delivery recording streamlines the reconciliation process with the accounts department and means that we will have stricter enforcement of payment before the delivery job can be completed.” 

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