Passing the digital tipping point for Northern Ireland

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Progressing in challenging times

When we wrote our first Northern Ireland Changing Landscapes report, in February 2019, we talked about turbulent times ahead. For most of us, the biggest challenge in the last two years and for many in living memory was the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Comparing our findings from the last two years, in this report we look at the impact the global pandemic has had on the digital landscape in Northern Ireland and ask what lessons can be learnt, what steps can be taken, and how our nation can prosper in this challenging environment. 

Our reasearch found that...

of adults believe digital will connect the community or improve their lives.

of adults say they want to use digital tech more frequently for public services.*

The public sector can and does deliver well-constructed digital services and can do it with speed when it needs to. COVID-19 has proven that."

Mark Owens, Managing Director, Civica NI

It's clear.

81% of surveyed adults are aware that public services are available online. What is our next step to digitising Northern Ireland?

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*About the research

This report features independent research from Civica. Civica commissioned independent market research specialist, Censuswide to conduct two separate pieces of research and compared against our research from two years ago. One thousand consumers aged 18+ in Northern Ireland were surveyed in January 2020 before the nation-wide lockdown struck. The second piece of research took place during the pandemic, in May 2020 where 1001 consumers aged 18+ in Northern Ireland were surveyed.