Delivering a clear view of activity and cost variation

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Understanding cost and resource consumption at the patient-level is paramount to delivering high quality, value for money and sustainable healthcare services.

CostMaster enables the production of granular and accurate patient-level costing models for healthcare providers. It takes in all the clinical activity and financial data and allows users to quickly build transparent cost allocation models. This provides a detailed view of the financial implications of all activity in the healthcare setting at the patient level, from bandages to theatre activity.

The completed model can be used to satisfy statutory reporting requirement, find operational efficiencies, and deliver savings through CostMaster’s dedicated analysis and reporting tools.

Using our cloud platform, Civica Aurum is then able to mine the dataset; analysing activities across settings such as theatres, pharmacy, and wards. It uses big data techniques to identify instances of systemic variation – performing the equivalent of years’ worth of analysis in a matter of hours.

What makes CostMaster unique?

  • Designed and built specifically for costing healthcare activity data
  • Intuitive and easy to use, no requirements for users to write complicated scripts
  • In-built automation, meaning more frequent processing and more time for analysis
  • Market-leading calculation performance, do in hours what can take days
  • Optimised for reporting and analysis, fully realise the value of the model


CostMaster has helped inform key stakeholders of the value of costing and encouraged better, more efficient working and improved costs.

Philip Cave, Director of Finance and Performance, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

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