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Helping councils and housing providers to support their communities

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At times like these, we need to support each other – which is why we are offering our Community Helper software free of charge to all councils and housing providers in the UK for the next 6 months – with no strings attached.


Community Helper supports you in managing incoming requests for support in a secure way, and routes these to volunteer teams based on business rules such as postcode area, type of help needed and level of vulnerability. It can route directly to in-house services, to volunteer groups and to third sector agencies, tracking exactly who has done what and when, so you can see where help is most needed - and where support's already been given.

It can also import existing lists of vulnerable people (including shield lists) so that cases can be managed and tracked, giving you security about who is being supported and where extra help might be needed and avoiding the risks associated with running services off spreadsheets. 

Powered by iCasework, Community Helper is a SaaS solution, securely deployed in the Cloud and ready to go in next to no time. The intuitive nature of the solution means that there is a minimal need for training.

Community Helper will allow those co-ordinating activity for your most vulnerable residents to do it systematically and in a way that is fully traceable, minimising data and safeguarding risks and ensuring support is delivered as quickly as possible.


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