A user friendly fleet management solution to maximise compliance and business performance

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Maximising compliance, driver safety and operational efficiencies 

MiTranman supports you to manage your fleet operation in an efficient and compliant manner. It provides you with a visual dashboard so you can quickly identify any issues that need fast decisions.

Using MiTranman will also support your organisation to minimise paper, as all your information is captured electronically - providing you real-time, critical data, at your finger tips.

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Key benefits:

  • Drives customer confidence and optimise fleet operations
  • Supports new business opportunities and helps meet tender requirements
  • Mitigates non-compliance risks; easy tracking of DVSA compliance with RAG status indicators
  • Automates reporting and submission, saves time and minimises administration
  • Increases visibility of your fleet operation with early warning of issues that could mean missed KPIs or cause downtime

Integrating your fleet operation with increased data insight, MiTranman empowers you to optimise the management of: 

Compliance and earned recognition

Providing you with a red-ambergreen indicator which enables you to view your fleet and compliance status in real-time. It gathers the required performance information and sends it to the DVSA on your behalf saving you hours of work every month on data anaysis, complex calculations and report preparation.

Fleet and drivers 

Providing a comprehensive record of all vehicle and fleet operating personnel

Workshop and maintenance 

Simplifying job prioritisation and invoicing to streamline the maintenance, servicing and inspection of your fleet. 

Contractors and stores

Improving stock and facilities management while enabling effective job allocation and authorisation

Electronic documents  

Facilitating easy access to information

Why choose Civica?

Approved earned recognition IT System provider

In-depth sector experience and expertise

Flexible technology which enable streamlined processes

About MiTranman and DVSA earned recognition scheme

Civica’s fleet management solution, MiTranman is an approved IT supplier for the Earned Recognition scheme, managed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

What is DVSA earned recognition scheme?

DVSA earned recognition is a voluntary scheme for vehicle operators of all sizes to prove they meet driver and vehicle standards. DVSA will not have access to your data or system, you will need to record, monitor and submit specified KPIs withina scheduled timeframe for DVSA to monitorl. In return for regularly sharing performance information with DVSA, participants’ vehicles are less likely to be stopped for roadside inspections.

How does MiTranman support earned recognition compliance?

MiTranman gathers the required performance information and sends it to the DVSA on your behalf - saving you hours of work every month on data analysis, complex calculations and report preparation.  It will identify and provide timely alerts of missed KPIs, giving you the opportunity to rectify any compliance issues before the data is submitted. 


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