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Civica Libraries customers share some of their favourite children's books

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by Philip Reeve

I’m a huge fan of Philip Reeve and his extraordinarily inventive mind. I enjoyed his Mortal Engines series, and now I’ve fallen in love with the sentient trains in Railhead. 

Zen Starling’s favourite activity is riding the K-Bahn trains through their wormholes to planets across the galaxy, stealing from markets and bazaars and then selling the goods when he gets home. Zen chances his luck once too often and gets caught – but not by the authorities.

Before he knows it, he and his Motorik (robot) friend Nova are on the run from Railforce, the Corporate Families and the mysterious Guardians. Even the trains are taking sides: can Damask Rose protect her passengers from rogue locomotive The Thought Fox, or will Zen and Nova’s adventure end before they can find out the secret the Guardians are hiding?

Submitted by Yvonne Marjot, Library Assistant-in-charge and local author, Tobermory Library, Argyll and Bute Libraries

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